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Modelador 3D – GDL,

1,100k-1,400k Monthly USD

Acerca del Puesto
Modelador 3D – GDL


Skill set, personality 

  • Self starter, self motivated 
  • Detail oriented, tenacious and meticulous 
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. 
  • Excellent leader and mentor for a team of junior 3D artists 
  • Capable of identifying technical requirements for a 3D game project 
  • Understanding the core disciplines needed in game production and limitations imposed by hardware or software on 3D assets 


1,100k-1,400k Monthly USD


Role and Responsibilities 

I’m seeking an experienced Senior 3D Artist/Generalist (Strongest areas modelling and texturing) to be a member of the team responsible for creating a Unity based game with a duration of 3-4 months. Offer is per project, full time, in-studio at our office in Guadalajara, Mexico. The main focus of the project is a 3D game with a lot of animated characters, highly optimized for web & mobile platforms. 


Preferred Skills/Experience 

  • Must have at least 5 years of 3D generalist experience and have successfully shipped/published games or game related content 
  • Proficiency in 3D modelling for both characters and environments, as well as UV mapping 
  • Proficient in topology optimization for games, taking care in keeping correct loops for animation 
  • Proficient in creating hand-painted textures, as well as photo merge 
  • Proficient in rig creation 
  • Knowledge or skill in animation is a major plus 
  • Educated conversational knowledge of the game development toolset including the asset production tools and game engines. 
  • Thorough understanding of the art production differences and requirements for developing games for mobile vs console vs PC. 



Qualifications and Education Requirements 

  • 5+ years experience in 3D production for games 
  • 2+ games shipped 
  • Portfolio with a wide range of visual styles and examples that convey skills in modelling, texturing and optimization. 
  • Software certificates and/or course certificates are a plus but not required 
  • Bilingual in Fluent in English and Spanish 


Autodesk Maya


3 to 4 months project

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. .

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